Oh the places you’ll go. Monday’s recommendations.

#1 : Craigmillar Castle from Catie and Andrew McKendrick (P7)

Route 1:  Go down the Innocent Railway, follow the cycle path/road round the back of the Peffermill Industrial estate, cross Peffermill Road at the cycle crossing and cycle along the pavement cycle path for a short distance just after you cross the railway, you can get cycle into Craigmillar Castle Park. There are lots of paths through the forest to explore; the spider is up the hill towards the castle.

Route 2: cycle through Inch Park, carefully cross over Old Dalkeith Road and go into the Craigmillar Castle Park area at Bridgend Farm (there’s a map at the entrance).

Thank you for sharing, Andrew and Catie. I hope you get to explore the Craigmillar spider soon!

#2 : South Edinburgh duathlon (biking & orienteering) from Cyrus Salman & Josh Daunt (P6)

Below are the details of Cyrus’s (P6C) short cycle ride through south Edinburgh (3.80km, 48m elevation, 16mins), to collect Josh Daunt (P6A), who kept at a 2m distance as they rode to Midmar Paddock, where they set off on course 2 of the Blackford Hill orienteering course that the school sent around last week.
Well done, boys. We’re very impressed by your cycling AND running adventures!
#3 : Edinburgh Castle, Prestonfield House and Calton Hill from Cara Harkins (P7)
Cara started off this week with a cycle from KB with a trip to the Castle – this has been a good cycle due to the quieter roads and then also up to the Espslanade which again is much quieter. We have also loved cycling to Prestonfield House as there is a chance to see the Peacocks with their tails out but I think our favourite is up to Calton Hill due to the views.
So great to see you adventuring on your bike, Cara. Thank you for sharing.
#4 : Arthur’s Seat from Dylan Daunt & Ben Wilson (S1)
This weekend, Sciennes alumni Dylan and Ben achieved a very impressive (and socially distant) 3 laps of Arthur’s Seat, which is no easy feat if you are familiar with the climb to the top!
Well done boys- you have given us all something to work towards! Thank you for sharing.
I have also been taking on Mrs Berry’s Arthur’s Seat challenge and did a couple of drizzly laps before school this morning. If you can grin and bear it up the climb, the views (albeit not today’s) and the wee cygnets in the loch are definitely worth it!