Tuesday’s Cycling Adventures

#1 Portobello Beach from Freya and Cara (P7C)

“Today we went to portobello beach along the innocent railway path. It was a nice cycle because it was almost all on cycle path so we didn’t have to worry about cars and traffic. There is a hill on the way back but it is pretty gradual. I would recommend this cycle because half way there is a beach stop which is a good refuelling stop. If you want to know the way you can look at the map that I have attached.”

Thank you, Freya, for sharing. I’ll miss having you to help when the Cycle to School days resume. You were such a fab support. x

Picture 1 Picture 1.png2

Cara and her dad also cycled down to Portobello on Tuesday : “Hi this pm we had a trip to the beach! A mixture of cycle path and open road taking about 30 mins to Portobello. Nice dry weather but no ice cream for us!! ”

Picture 1.png3

# 2 Edinburgh Castle from Arlo (P2A)

“Arlo would like to share his bike ride to the castle one sunny morning a couple of weeks ago.  On the way he pedalled up middle meadow walk in 6th gear all the way to the top! We also explored the streets near the castle – it was a fun ride!”

Well done, Arlo. I’m especially impressed that you managed to take on Middle Meadow Walk in 6th gear- that’s brilliant. Thank you for sharing your cycling adventures.