On Fridays we cycle!

#1 – Wee Braids Golf Course from Joel and Amelia Hather

“Our favourite family cycle is along by the Wee Braids Golf Course to see the Llamas (or maybe Alpacas!) in the fields opposite and the views. That cycle is about 3 miles in a loop from where we live.


#2 –  Arthurs Seat & Portobello Beach from Finlay Glass (5C) 

“Arthur’s seat – Road over the shoulder of the hill is currently closed to traffic so ideal for a bit of training. After a few laps Finlay stopped at the tops to watch the family of swans and signets.
Portobello beach. Following the bike route from the meadows and down the innocent railway, Finlay led his little brother, Nathan, who’ll be joining P1C after the summer down to Portobello for a well earned ice cream. Unfortunately the sun had other ideas and hid behind the sea fog!”
What’s more, Finlay, Nathan and their big brother Kieran (S1) managed to venture a bit further over the weekend and made it all the way to South Queensferry via the cycle path and a wee detour home via Dalmeny Estate. The photo you can see below is taken from the other side of the bridge.
You look very professional, Finlay! Great to see you getting some training in and enjoying closed roads. We’re excited to meet you, Nathan, in August. Thanks for sharing.

#3 – Portobello from Milo and Ellis

“On Sunday Milo (P2A) and his little brother Ellis who will start in P1 after the summer cycled to Portobello. We live off Craigmillar Park but went through the Meadows by the school to avoid the main roads, and joined the Innocent Railway path from where it starts. We followed it to the Bingham estate, and then joined the roads to go into Portobello.
We got chocolate bread from Twelve Triangles as we do every Sunday (we don’t usually all cycle though!), had a play on the beach and looked at the fantastic Studio Ghibli chalk drawing someone’s spent their lockdown drawing. We watched Totoro when we got home!
It was a 10.3 mile round trip which was longer than we expected. We were out for 2.5 hours altogether and the cycling took just under an hour each way.”
Fab effort Milo and Ellis. 10.3 miles is very impressive. I hope the chocolate bread gave you the energy needed to make it back home again! We look forward to meeting you, Ellis, in August.